Place orders for delivery from North Country Retreat

Venture down to see what’s available today from North Country Retreat. Pick up at the Market or ask about delivery for orders over 10 pounds throughout the winter months. And don’t forget stock up on winter squash and other fresh, local produce and farm-fresh eggs. (Note: Due to a family emergency, Do Re Me was unable to make it last week).

From North Country Retreat:

“Tis the season for colds but as the saying goes feed a cold, starve a fever.

What better way to feed a cold then by chicken soup. Get one of our stew bags containing chicken carcasses at $2 per pound. For those who really know their stuff we are also selling chicken necks and feet.

We will be selling them from Nov 5th at Suffern Farmers market. As usual we also delivery with orders over 10 pounds. We also have a couple bags of beef bones and pig trotters as well for some delicious tasting soups and stews.

As always we have a great selection of beef, pork and chicken.”



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