Note to Ramapo Residents

Hello Friends of the Suffern Farmers’ Market,

This past week at the Market, we were unexpectedly joined by representatives from the Town of Ramapo as well as Preserve Ramapo. Both were there to inform the public about the minor league baseball stadium up for public vote today, Tuesday, August 24.

The representatives from Ramapo were asked to leave early and did. A representative from Preserve Ramapo was there briefly to disseminate information with the opposing view but was no longer there when Board members arrived.

As a non-profit entity, the Suffern Farmers’ Market does not endorse any side or candidate in any political issue. The Market has an obligation to present all sides of a political issue if any are allowed a forum at the Market.

None of the members of the Board of Directors of the Market were made aware in advance of Ramapo’s intent to disseminate information on Saturday. This brings to light the apparent need for the Board to implement a rule that no organization be granted space unless they request it in writing at least two weeks in advance so an informed decision can be made.

Remember to let your voice be heard. Vote on this issue today.

This message went out from the Rockland Farm Alliance:

The mission of the Rockland Farm Alliance is to facilitate local sustainable agriculture in Rockland County. We are not a political organization and as a matter of policy, we do not endorse specific candidates or platforms. Local development issues often involve enormous economic and environmental consequences, which affect land use policy for us all.  

There is a multi-million dollar bond referendum for the Town of Ramapo residents on Tuesday, Aug 24.  At issue, is public funding for a baseball stadium. If you live in Ramapo, you can vote on this tomorrow. 
Information for and against the stadium is available at: and


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